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11176539| Wheat Straw Power Bank

Reference: 11176539
Measures: (LHD) 6,3×9,4×1,4cm

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Wheat Straw Power Bank:

  • Ultra compact size line
  • Wheat cane carcass, in order to promote the use of natural raw materials and reduce polluting emissions.
  • 5,000 mAh charging capacity
  • Charge status indicator.
  • Dual USB output for simultaneous charging of 2 devices
  • Micro USB input -cable included-.
  • Presented in an attractive eco design box.
  • The capacities shown in all our external auxiliary batteries are real, all of them incorporating grade A batteries and not recycled, with a useful life of at least 500 charge cycles and according to CE regulations.
  • Manufactured in accordance with RoHS standards and in compliance with the following safety requirements:
  • Power bank overload protection system. Full discharge protection system that provides greater durability of the power bank. Blocking system to avoid short circuits. Constant charge transfer system, according to the capacity of the target device.
  • Material Wheat Cane / ABS