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La importancia de tener un buen proveedor para tus eventos

The importance of having a good supplier for your events

That after the work involved in the search, selection, and confirmation of the material for an event, it arrives incomplete, with customization errors or late, are unwanted problems that can arise when a corporate event is organized. Moreover, they can overshadow the success of the event or action. Otherwise, it can help give attendees the best experience, when material exceeds expectations and is received on time, in the correct form, and ready to deliver.

Having a reliable, specialized provider with its own infrastructure and experience in the events and promotional sector can be a great advantage to help guarantee your success. As well as to avoid or minimize the risk of small inconveniences that may arise along the way.

La importancia de tener un buen proveedor para tus eventos

Suppliers are a very important piece in any commercial or marketing action, to exceed the objectives set. Thanks to suppliers, event organizers can offer their clients a good service, increasing credibility, trust and finally, strengthening loyalty. Therefore, having good suppliers is, without a doubt, one of the most relevant competitive tools.

We currently live in a context of high competitiveness, and it is essential to create strategic alliances, which not only benefit the success of the event or action, but also provide added value to favor differentiation, as well as optimization of existing resources.

Pack bsmart collection para eventos corporativos
Pack para eventos especializados en deporte

At Custom Design Bags, we have more than 15 years of experience as suppliers of material for all kinds of events and congresses. Our extensive knowledge of the MICE sector has led us to innovate in complete solutions to cover all the needs of our clients.

In addition, the new market trends that point to a circular economy, emphasizing the eco-sustainability of actions, have prompted us to work with a wide range of eco-sustainable products and services, adding ecological value to the actions of our clients, which frames the organization of events in Corporate Social Responsibility actions. This added value that we offer our clients positions them as competitive entities in the market, which have a differential plus to offer their clients and the market.

The quality of services that a provider can offer can directly influence the results of any commercial action or any event. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to have a reliable and efficient provider that offers comprehensive solutions to the various situations that encompass the organization of events.

In short, it is decisive in guaranteeing the success of the event. Having a provider that understands all the procedures, that knows the market and that offers complete solutions, is undoubtedly a win-win relationship.

Packs para ferias y eventos con productos personalizados de tu marca

At Custom Design Bags, our clients’ success is our success. We position ourselves as strategic allies in all the actions that our clients undertake, we also offer services and services adapted to their needs:

  • Eco-sustainable and Fairtrade products.
  • Eco-sustainable services, such as the reservation of stock until the final number of attendees is reached, or the sending of extra reimbursable material.
  • Services adapted to hybrid, face-to-face and virtual events: we send the Welcome Pack to the house attendee’s house.
  • Assembly service of Welcome Packs. We collect all the items and send the Welcome Packs ready to be delivered at the event.
Pack eco sostenible para escuelas
Kit Nature
Welcome pack eventos sostenible

Finally, having a provider that is not only specialized in the sector, but also with years of experience, allows event organizers to delegate some points of holding events to focus on others. Within the organization of events, there are many points on the check list that must be concluded. A supplier who can be trusted and who can be counted on strategically, will allow you to focus on other actions within the organization of the event.

In Custom Design Bags, only in this last year, we have been a supplier of more than 1500 events and congresses, all of them with excellent results in the execution and in the feedback obtained by their participants.

That is why we invite you to meet us and learn about our work. Go to our website design-bags.com and discover all the possibilities we have to offer you.

Custom Design Bags, your Eco Sustainable supplier.