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Why use recyclable bottles and glasses

Why using recyclable bottles and glasses goes far beyond simple fashion. The need to fight for the preservation of a threatened planet mobilizes more and more people. But there are also many companies that begin to realize the importance of acting to curb the emission of gases, pollution and exploitation of natural resources without any control.

Today, the material used in the manufacture of recyclable bottles and glasses is PET. What exactly are we talking about? It is a plastic polymer whose characteristics make it especially suitable for use in food. It is a transparent material, very resistant to both chemical and shock or wear and that also preserves food or drinks without altering its flavor or aroma.

But that PETthat is used in the manufacture of recyclable bottles and glasses has a quality that makes it especially interesting when it comes to environmental conservation. It is a fully recyclable material. And something very important: identifying if the containers are made of PET is very simple because they carry the recycling symbol with a number one.

The value of recycling

Using recyclable bottles and glasses may seem like an anecdote. It is not. Nor is it good to see if we use them and deposit them in suitable containers for recycling. One of the great environmental problems of today are plastics. According to Greenpeace, seas and oceans receive an amount of waste every year that equals 1200 times the weight of the Eiffel Tower.

Many are plastics that can be recycled, although according to the environmental organization, in Spain only 30% end up in recycling plants. Every day thousands and thousands of recyclable bottles and glasses are used, and it is a good initiative, but we must be aware that it is necessary to deposit them in the right place to give them a new life, avoiding the contamination that threatens the planet.

What is done with recycled plastic?

Using recyclable bottles and glasses is interesting because they can lead a beneficial circle, as long as a responsible use is made of them. Once in recycling plants, it can be used to make new bottles. The process is complex, but it is feasible.

It is not the only use that can be given to the so-called rPET. That PET from recyclable bottles and glasses can have many uses. One of them would be the manufacture of packaging for the food, cosmetic or other industries. As we said, this is a very resistant material, but with which you can also manufacture containers that take care of aesthetics.

It can also be used in the manufacture of objects that have nothing to do with those recyclable bottles and glasses that are their origin: from elements for machinery to sanitary articles, lamps and textiles. Yes, as you have heard, textiles, because PET fibers are extracted that can replace natural ones.

We could show you many examples, but to give you an idea, we simply mention the rPET collection of Design Bags. In it you will see how the material obtained from recyclable bottles and glasses helps shape bags, briefcases and backpacks; but also to folders or pens, perfect as a business gift.

Today, environmental awareness is an important value at a particular level, but also business. In events, seminars, fairs or any other celebration, giving gifts to participants or customers with objects made from recyclable bottles and glasses serves as an example and helps to improve the brand image.

To make it much easier, there are companies like Design Bags, fully aware of the importance of sustainability and recycling that offer you a wide range of accessories made from recyclable bottles and glasses.

You see that small actions can help achieve that important goal that is the conservation of the planet. On the one hand, as a private individual, making sure that you use recyclable bottles and glasses and then deposit them in the appropriate container. On the other, as a company, using those objects that are obtained from recycled plastics. In short, we can all set an example.

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