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Why give backpacks as a giveaway gift?

One of the most used marketing strategies is to give merchandising items, mainly at events, congresses, talks … One of the objects that are most often given away are Backpacks, since they are widely accepted by everyone. One of the occasions in which they are used the most is in the events in which there are other merchandising products or brochures, and it is a good occasion to be able to keep everything inside. Backpacks, in addition to displaying your brand, allow you to make more elaborate and personalized designs than in other smaller products.

Sackpack: a merchandising item

Sackpacks are one of the most used corporate gifts. This is due to several reasons:

  1. Its economic cost: they are one of the most economical merchandising items when manufacturing them.
  2. They are easy to customize: you can choose the base color of the backpack and add the logo of your brand or your company.
  3. They are widely used by everyone: it is an item that anyone can use at any time, it is a gift that everyone appreciates.
  4. They are comfortable: they are easy to carry and have plenty of space.
  5. The brand is visible: in this type of articles the brand is much more visible than in pens, key chains …

As for customers, it is one of the most appreciated gifts thanks to the wide variety of uses that can be given. Both men and women use these backpacks to go to the beach, to the gym, to go any day for a walk or for any other activity of their daily lives.

Design Bags backpacks.

In Design Bags we have several models of sackpacks of different sizes and different materials. Whether you prefer a polyester, cotton and even organic cotton backpack, all of them are customizable. You can choose the type of material of the backpack, the color, the type of marking of your company’s logo … The bags, likewise, are also one of the most economical merchandising items. If you don’t find the one you need, we can manufacture it exclusively for you. Contact us to design the backpacks that your company needs.

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