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Types of masks are there and which to buy

The health emergency due to COVID-19 has familiarized us all with a garment that has now become an essential outfit, the mask. This is mandatory for our walks and trips outside, and inside establishments. What types of face mask masks are there, and which one should we buy? Next, we solve all these doubts.

2020 will go down in history due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A virus that has put the entire planet in check, where the millions of people affected increase every day – also the number of recovered ones – and where the number of deaths continues to increase. We must know how to live with the virus and therefore it is essential and mandatory by law to buy masks and use them every time we go out on the street.

However, the boom of this new accessory in our daily style also casts many doubts, what types of masks to use? Can we bet on a compromise between security and design? What should we consider when we decide to buy a mask online? As you know, there are two large groups: single-use disposables and reusable ones, which we must wash in a specific way.

Types of masks you can buy online

KN95 mask. They are the best masks on the market and the ones with the highest protection, in fact, they are also known as FPP2 masks. They have 5 layers: an outer layer of polypropylene, a second that acts as a KN95 filter, a third and fourth made of cotton and the fifth, another layer of high-quality polypropylene.

These masks are highly secure, with a bacterial filtration efficiency of 95%, light to breathe, easy to put on, comfortable to wear and protects against those particles that remain suspended in the air, both organic and inorganic.

Triple-layer hygienic masks. They are among the best sellers. On this occasion, instead of 5 layers it has 3 but it is still a safe mask. In addition, in our online store you will find it in a comfortable pack that includes sanitizing wet wipes.

They are masks with a triple layer of heat-sealed finish, with elastic fixing bands and adaptable nose clips for a firm fit. Its outer and inner layers stand out, which are made of polypropylene, and an intermediate layer of 90% polypropylene and 10% viscose. Like the previous one, it also has the UNE certification, bacterial filtration efficiency and good breathing pressure.

Reusable hygienic masks. Add some color to your masks with this spectacular and elegant design! Available in 5 colors. They are ideal for both children and adults. They are made of double-layer cotton and polyester, with ergonomic front seems to enjoy a comfortable fit with elastic ear straps in hypoallergenic fabric, with OEKO-TEX Class I certification.

They also have a 98% bacterial filtration efficiency, resist up to 25 washes – we advise you to wash them in customer water at least 60ºC to eliminate all traces of bacteria, viruses and germs -, they are fully approved and are served in packages of 10 units.
Customizable masks. Having to wear a mask does not mean that we must put design and fashion aside, you can buy customizable masks! They are reusable and washable, everything is personalized -except rubber and piping-, certified by the UNE standard and is made of 100% polyester microfiber and TNT inner fabric.

Type IIR surgical mask. These are the most common that we see on the street or when we go to any hospital or medical consultation. It is a mask that also guarantees not only our safety but also the protection of the surrounding environment from the particles emitted due to its high filtering capacity of over 98%, it resists splashes well and you can breathe reasonably well with them on. . It also exists in type I / II and, like the IIR, is a disposable mask, that is, for single use.

To consult other types of masks or place your order, click HERE.

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