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Trolley backpacks

The backpacks have been considered one of the great inventions of mankind. They have been the great solution when transporting from school objects, going through luggage to heavy loads and almost everything you need to carry on hand. Nowadays it is very common to find them on the back of most people from students to professionals of all categories.

However, we have encountered a disadvantage which affects all of us, adults and children. Although this becomes more evident in our children and it is that excessive weight in school or work backpacks that can cause deformations in the spine as well as backaches and other disorders that affect the skeletal muscular system. As a direct response to this problem, the commercialization of backpacks with wheels began, called by many as Trolley Backpacks. They are the great solution, the fastest and most effective to this problem that had been affecting a large part of society.

Mochilas trolley personalizadas, ideales para viajes de negocios

What are Trolley Backpacks?

The Trolley Backpacks are something very simple but at the same time very useful, they are backpacks and also suitcases with an added complement that allows you to add a pair of wheels and a handle. This will make its transport much easier since you can take it wherever you go. This way you will not have to carry it on your back, which will avoid the discomfort of your weight and the discomforts that it could generate.

Today we can get this type of backpacks and suitcases in the hands of all types of users, students, travellers, agents, etc., manufactured in a large number of models and sizes, have become the great solution to avoid those annoying backaches. In Design Bags always concerned to meet the needs of our customers. We have created the largest number of exclusive and tailored designs of Trolley Backpacks which are made with the best materials, embroidered, printed and in silkscreen. In addition to the tougher and more durable wheels to support the weight and be able to roll where you need to carry your backpack. These attributes guarantee the quality of our product and its durability.

We have the largest stock of Trolley Backpacks for all occasions, for trips, for students, for events and for whatever you want or need, in the material you prefer, and with a variety of colours, sizes and models, in addition to its infinity of exclusive designs we also have the largest number of accessories (folders, laptop cases, briefcases, pen drives, etc.), which not only meet your needs, will also match your backpack and make your name stand out and that of your company in any occasion or event, for its exclusive, customized and tailored designs.

The best gift

This item can improve the image of your company and your own giving away useful and quality objects, a Trolley Backpack by Design Bags is the ideal gift for your employees, customers and friends. They are also perfect for all kinds of events. You will always stay in the minds of your participants with these high quality backpacks. Contact us, at Design Bags we are waiting for you to know everything we can offer you in Trolley Backpacks and all the other items and accessories we have for you. These will help you carry the name of your company all over the world so placing your brand on quality items. Request your free samples of our high quality products and designs.

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