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The rPET collection, a sustainable trade option for your activities

Design Bags is a company committed to the environment, for this reason we look for new ways of manufacturing and manufacturing our products. An example of this is the rPET collection, a good sustainable trade option for your activities.

Thus, we believe that recycling and reuse of plastic waste is an important action to combat pollution and global warming. For this reason, our company has created the rPET collection in order to put our small grain of sand to help conserve the environment. The objective of this action is to collaborate in reducing the demand for oil, as well as in reducing plastic waste and CO2 emissions.

What is PET material?

PET is a type of plastic widely used in beverage containers and in the production of textile fibers. This plastic is recyclable and therefore can be reused several times to make various products. Our company has wanted to take another step in helping our planet and has opted for such initiatives. From here comes our new rPET collection, a range of products made from cloth made from recycled plastic bottles.

How is rPET textile fabric produced?

To recycle a product of PET material is to give plastic containers a second life. Next, you will be able to know the process of creating our rPET collection.

  1. Recycling plant. The process begins with the collection of plastic bottles, that is, with recycling. Then, they are taken to the classification centers where the plugs and labels are removed, sterilized, dried and manually separated.
  2. Fabric factory. The packages of bottles classified by colors and typologies are transported to the fabric factory. Here, plastics are crushed into small pieces, heated and turned into a liquid mass that will become yarn when cooled. Later, this thread joins with cotton fibers and will give rise to rPET fabric.
  3. Product development. The rPET fabric arrives at the manufacturing factory where the usual process of creating and developing a product is carried out: design, assembly and revision. This material is just as manipulability and durable as other fabrics.

What benefits does the use of rPET fabrics have for the environment?

Today, just go to a supermarket to realize that the shelves are full of plastic containers that, most of them, will only have one use. The UN estimates that more than 400 million tons of plastic are generated each year in the world, of which only 9% is recycled. Much of these plastics that are not recycled go to forests and oceans, thus polluting our planet.

Initiatives such as using rPET fabrics to create other products means reducing plastic waste that goes to nature. In addition, recycling and reusing plastic containers generates savings in energy and oil, so we help preserve the natural resources of our planet.

In Design Bags we think that small actions like these can lead to great results. If you are a company committed to the environment, with the rPET collection you have the opportunity to choose sustainable trade products for your activities. Do not wait any longer, request your budget on our website and increase the sustainability of your event, training or promotional action. ← Discover the new rPET collection and get your discount on screen printing.

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