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The importance of choosing a good corporate gift for your next event or congress

For a long time, there is a custom among companies to deliver some kind of gift at especially significant moments: an anniversary, a fair or a congress. Next, we will show you the importance of choosing a good corporate gift for your next event or congress. Well, that detail, in addition to a recognition of customers and suppliers, is a fabulous marketing tool.

For this advertising function, and because in some way the corporate gift is part of the brand image that is intended to be transmitted, it is essential to choose well. When choosing the merchandising item to be delivered, several criteria must be taken into account: the recipient, the type of event and, of course, the activity of the company.

Corporate gift: much more than marketing

One of the great values ​​of the corporate gift is that it is a tangible asset that can be of real use to those who receive it and that at the same time meets an advertising or customer loyalty objective for those who deliver it.

In this way, the corporate gift is another support to create and strengthen the company’s brand image and a way to make a difference with the competition. In addition, it serves to create and strengthen ties with consolidated or potential customers, with suppliers and even with the company’s own employees. Without forgetting that, too, it can be a tool to stimulate sales.

On the other hand, there is a question that makes the corporate gift an even more attractive tool: it is much cheaper than other forms of advertising. Being a tangible and lasting object, its effects can be prolonged much longer in time than any advertising campaign in traditional or digital media.

How to choose a good corporate gift?

Obviously, not everything goes. When a corporate gift is to be delivered with a special motive, choosing well will be part of the key to achieving the stated objective.

One of the most important aspects to consider is the logo. As a corporate gift is a gift that aims to convey the image of the brand, therefore, it must be visible. It is not necessary that the logo has an exaggerated size, but it is reflected in a strategic place, both in the packaging and in the article itself.Siempre es acertado que el regalo esté, de algún modo, relacionado con la actividad de la empresa, muy especialmente si se trata de ferias, seminarios y congresos. No hace falta que sea un objeto caro, pero sí que sea útil, de esos que se tienen siempre a mano y que perduran en el tiempo.

The most classic and useful gifts for everything are the pens and the agenda. But you can also look for a touch of originality according to the sector to which the company is dedicated. The range of possibilities is endless: bags, purses, bottle opener backpacks, usb sticks, wireless chargers, cups, umbrellas, headphones …

Choosing the corporate gift may seem easy, but it isn’t. You must make a difference, represent the company and be functional. It will also have to build trust in the recipient. For this, care must be taken to the last detail because everything means something: the originality or the moment chosen to deliver it represents the brand image that you want to transmit.

Finally, selecting a gift that has a meaning beyond a simple gift will be essential to create a brand souvenir in the attendees. This action will become one of the best and most useful marketing weapons, a small investment that can reverse huge profits.

An example of the above, would be to give fair trade, eco-sustainable or rPET products in your corporate activity. This fact will give a vision about your company of commitment and environmental awareness that your customers will value positively. In Design Bags, we have this type of products and other original items to give as merchandising at your next event or congress.

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