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The essential protection products against COVID-19

The world has changed dramatically after the pandemic that caused COVID-19. A virus that spread with lethal speed, demanding a radical change in our lifestyle, especially in the different protection measures that can combat it. From personal sanitary articles to those designed for a community of users, all are indispensable to guarantee the well-being and safety of people.

COVID-19 is a virus that is characterized by affecting the respiratory system of people, with the respiratory and digestive tracts being its main routes to attack humans. Based on this, it has been determined that the use of masks is the protection measure par excellence, thanks to its ability to partially block the passage of different microorganisms that travel through the air.

Knowing the speed of spread of COVID-19, other protection measures that could improve the effectiveness of masks immediately began to become popular. This series of complementary items, but really necessary, serve to guarantee effective sanitary conditions that can eradicate any risk of exposure to the virus through direct contact with the skin, respiratory tract, touch, clothing, footwear and any other risk element.

To know what protection products against COVID-19 each person may need, it will be ideal to evaluate their day-to-day routines. On the one hand, it will be necessary to know if it is exposed to other large groups of people, if it is in contact with surfaces or spaces with high user traffic. On the other hand, it is necessary to consider the measures that can be improved at home to avoid the risk of spreading the virus in the immediate environment of family and friends.

Protection products at home

Without a doubt, protection against COVID-19 must start at home, with small gestures that can make a difference. Using thermometers, a common item but at this time will serve to keep a more faithful control of any change in body temperature. Next, items such as sanitizing gel or disinfectant wipes should be located at the main entrances for hand hygiene and other objects such as mobile phones, controls, shoes, clothes, or bags.

When shopping for food, we can use our own rPET net bags and always carry a small bottle of hydroalcoholic gel. These measures will be necessary to neutralize the products of establishments such as supermarkets and markets that meet hundreds of people a day, representing a high risk.

Products against COVID-19 for your business

In the case of commercial establishments, it will be necessary to activate a sanitary protocol from the moment the client enters the premises. First, taking the temperature with infrared thermometers to rule out symptoms of fever and then using the gel dispensers. Both protection products can be arranged in a sanitary station at the entrance of the establishment, which will make adaptation to this new dynamic much easier.

Non-contact dispensers are the best alternative to prevent people from touching their surface again and again, as well as it will be ideal to use hanging protection screens that serve to divide rooms, especially in businesses where direct customer service is offered. client. Finally, it is essential to sign and implement the mandatory regulations on the use of a mask for both employees and the visiting public. The latter will be the best measures to guarantee a space free of COVID-19.

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