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Support material for online courses

Providing students with support material for online courses is a very good alternative to build trust and a greater bond between the company and the students. The ideal is to send a “WELCOME PACK STUDENT / A” with various products personalized with the logo or corporate image of your training center.

The support material you choose for your online courses must be original, useful and attractive, getting your students to take a gift from your training center that improves their experience and brand memory.

It is also important that the student’s welcome pack has a message in accordance with the values of your training center. As the support material, in addition to being useful for the performance of the course, may also be used on other occasions once the training has been completed. In this way, your students will publicize your company, being able to attract other customers through these striking gifts with valuable messages.

Also, keep in mind that promotional support material must be consistent with the theme of the course. In addition, being a pack, the products must be in harmony with each other (color, logo, etc.).

Taking all these aspects into account, below we show you which products work best to give away in your online courses. And also, we give you ideas of “WELCOME PACK STUDENT / A” from which to choose according to the needs of your company.


At Design Bags we search, design, and offer you the latest news and market trends. In addition to offering you a wide range of quality, practical and original products for your online courses, all of them can be personalized according to your brand and the profile of your audience.

Stationery Pack

This pack is perfect to give to students as they will find all the items they need to take the online course. In addition, they are useful and very practical articles that you can then continue using in your day to day.

This type of welcome pack usually carries a backpack, bag, purse, or shoulder bag where other desktop products will be included according to it. For example, we will incorporate a notebook, agenda or notepad and a pen or pencil. You could also include other products such as a case, a USB memory or a set of pencils or pens.

Rpet collection Pack

The rPET pack, made up of products made from recycled plastic bottles, could include a briefcase or backpack, a pen, and a document folder. You can also choose other options such as a shoulder bag or bag and incorporate some ecological material such as a notebook or a notepad.

Eco Pack

The ecological pack usually carries a fair-trade organic cotton bag that usually includes a notepad or notebook and a pen (both made of cork or recycled cardboard). In this pack you can include other types of ecological material such as the following: lanyard, mouse pad, thermal drum, USB memory, wireless charger, or headphones.

If your training center pursues the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is committed to the environment, we suggest that you opt for one of the 2 previous packs made up of products from the rPET collection or ecological items. In this way, you will transmit to your students your commitment to sustainable trade and add value to your company

Technology Pack

This pack also works very well to give as support material to the students of the online courses, since it has a more novel and attractive air. In addition, technological articles are the ones that students like the most. This pack can integrate a folder, briefcase, backpack or bag in which to include a product or technological accessory. For example: mouse pad, USB stick, wireless charger, external battery, power bank, speaker with Bluetooth connection, in-ear headphones or headband headphones with Bluetooth connection.



In addition to this wide selection of ideal products for online courses, we also inform you of all our services to help you and facilitate the delivery of the packs to each student.

On the one hand, Design Bags has put in place some measures to collaborate with our clients with everything in our power. One of them is the item handling and logistics management for sending the material to each person individually. We also provide you with the reservation of stock, neutral customizations and anticipation of pre-models.

On the other hand, we inform you that if you want to make your online course more sustainable you can take advantage of the promotion that we have available until May 31st in some of our products from the rPET collection and organic cotton from fair trade.

To finish, if you have questions, need advice or more information about deadlines, conditions or any other service, you can contact us. We will be happy to assist you and help you find the most suitable support material for your online course or any other type of event.

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