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Protection kits as a corporate gift to your employees

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, also for companies and their employees. A year that, ipso facto, forced many corporations to reinvent themselves, to adopt complex safety and hygiene measures and to fight against all odds against a pandemic that, it seems, still does not give us the truce we would like. Why give protection kits as a corporate gift to your employees? Health and safety comes first.

Absolutely all companies have suffered in one way or another the ups and downs of the COVID-19 health crisis. Although the first vaccines are already beginning to flourish, it is well known that during 2021 we will have to continue to familiarize ourselves in work environments with concepts such as the mask, the hydroalcoholic gel, social distance … The goal, of course, to avoid infections.

Many companies give corporate gifts to their employees when the year begins. But this year is different. We have realized that the enemy can be invisible and it is necessary to protect ourselves more than necessary, at least in a hygienic and sanitary way. This year, if we talk about corporate gifts to employees, there is no better present than to bet on health and take care of them with a protection kit that we can prepare for you in Custom Design Bags. There is no more useful and important gift than this.

What accessories to include in your protection kits?

When preparing an employee protection kit you can choose between different products. We can choose to select those that we think will be used the most or those that are more common due to the work of each department. We give companies the possibility to configure their own kit by choosing the products they need from our extensive catalog. They are fully customizable, open protection kits for employees, depending on the needs and budget of each company.

Basic Kit

The most basic protection kits are composed of a triple-layer hygienic mask or FFP2 mask (both disposable), ear protectors and two compostable hydro-alcoholic wipes for cleaning and disinfecting hands and frequently used surfaces. These two basic kits are presented in a white bag with a self-adhesive closure.

Protection kit with toiletry bag

One of the most popular are the protection kits with a toiletry bag that include a textile mask or FFP2, an ear protector and a mini hydroalcoholic gel. You can choose between different types of toiletry bag: cotton, made of rPET, bag type or transparent with zip closure. In them you can include other protection products such as infrared thermometer, antibacterial notebook or pen, mask holder, anti-contagion keychain, etc. And of course, all products will be personalized with the logo or corporate image of the brand.

Pack that includes protection products

This pack is the most complete and is totally versatile and customizable. First, you will choose one or more accessories from our catalog: backpack, wallet, bag, folder, notepad, lanyard … We also have ecological products or made with recycled or recyclable materials that are more respectful of our planet.

Then, you will add the protection products that best suit the needs of your training center, shop or any type of business. The most common are the reusable textile mask, the hydroalcoholic gel and the toiletry bag.

The entire pack will be chosen together taking into account the color and type of material. And whatever your option is, don’t forget that we customize it for you. Do you want to configure your protection kit to give to your employees? Get in touch with us and we will help you!

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