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Protection kit against coronavirus: the best gift

In the current circumstances, protection measures against the coronavirus have become part of our lives and our routines. In addition to the required mask, most of us carry a small protection kit in handbags, pockets, and backpacks in which some type of hand sanitizer is not lacking. It is a question of responsibility, for our own safety and that of others.

Precisely, this protection kit against COVID-19 can become a perfect company gift or recognition gift to customers who have remained faithful in particularly difficult times. Because just as life habits have changed to adapt to the times, marketing strategies must also do so.

Utility and customization: great benefits

The trend in recent years in corporate gifts is to think, above all, of utility. And, precisely, a protection kit, even if it is very basic, is always going to be a practical gift that will not be stored in a drawer or forgotten anywhere. All this without forgetting that it is a gift that can be given to anyone, be it a supplier, employee or customer.

The possible combinations in a protection kit are enormous. A mask-holder bag or a toiletry bag, disinfectant products in a bottle or wet wipes, a spare mask, ear protection bands or some protection accessory such as keys or pointers to avoid touching surfaces … This type of corporate gift also makes it easy to adapt to different circumstances.

But choosing and combining the elements that will go into the protection kit is not the only way to customize it. Do not forget that a business gift always has a double objective: on the one hand, a message of thanks or appreciation and, on the other, an advertising purpose.

In this last sense, customizing the protection kit and all its elements with the stamped logo is very simple. But not only with the identity of the company, also with an image or phrase that can easily identify it. It will be seen by those who have been given as a gift and also by those with whom they regularly interact.

Corporate identity symbol

But beyond a simple advertising issue, a coronavirus protection kit can hide a deeper message: the company’s interest in social welfare. When that concern is part of the corporate identity, transmitting it is not always easy. Giving away accessories that promote the health and well-being of citizens does indeed transmit this fundamental value.

Beyond the classic corporate gift

Not just for strictly corporate gifts. A protection kit can be delivered in countless situations: as a welcome to work or to the educational center after a forced break or holidays. Also, as a reminder to people who visit the company or as a small incentive to those possible clients who come to a business to be interested in its services, from a gym to a hairdresser or academy.

A thousand possibilities for very little

A protection kit against coronavirus is practical, perfect in all kinds of situations and versatile. But there is more: it is a gift as useful as it is economical. And that makes it especially attractive in an economic landscape in which companies are not going through their best moments, but in which they cannot give up any promotional tool at their disposal.

Giving a protection kit is giving a grain of sand in the fight against the coronavirus and, sometimes, a call to responsibility. Therefore, it will never be a corporate gift again.

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