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Original Pen drives

The original pen drives are the technological devices that are characterized by being in great demand in our online store. The majority of users require the small device to store any important information. One of the most attractive things for our client is this USB memory which is fully guaranteed. We do not hesitate to say that the guarantee is for life, if for life! What is this about? These devices are manufactured with high efficiency material and the best memory chips that have passed the quality controls established in the AQL standard.

At Design Bags we offer a wide range of incredible models. Our pen drives are personalized and you can choose the theme that you like, from the most day-to-day to the most professional, such as the logo of your business, for example. Also, they are designed with the capacities of 500 MB, 1GB up to the largest existing storage in the market. We can design the pen drive you need.

In this article you will find four very original pen drives and at the best price of existence in the market. Our store offers the most exclusive models and you can have it manufactured to your liking. In addition, if you do not find the design you want, ask us and we will gladly assist you without any compromise.

Pendrives originales personalizados - Design Bags

The most original models

  • Mini USB memory of square, rectangular or round shape, it is of a spectacular extra flat thickness that makes it look extraordinary. Because of its tiny size you can easily load it into the keychain or purse because it takes up less space than any other, this feature simply impresses. As far as personalization is concerned, it offers the possibility of full colour printing with incredible delicacy and perfection in resolution. Therefore, it is one of the most suitable original pen drives to promote your company, business or brand.
  • Pen drives in the form of a debit card: it is one of the best sellers for its incredible design, size and extra flat thickness, just like a card. With regard to personalization, it has the same characteristics of the USB memory described above. It should be noted that it is one of the most economical, but this does not detract from its effectiveness because it is made of excellent quality chips. Similarly, you can carry it in your purse, cardholder or purse without appreciation because its size and thickness are identical to that of a debit card. We offer customization at one of their faces at a very low cost.
  • Pen drives like a pen: if you want to give something magnificent, without a doubt this is the best option. We manufacture pen-shaped pen drives that correspond to one of the most original. It has the great peculiarity that when you remove the cover you will find the chip of your memory. It is thin, with silver finishes that make it look spectacular and very elegant. We customize it the colour you want, neutral colours are the most striking although if you prefer in another shade with pleasure we manufacture it at the best market price!
  • Custom 2D and 3D pen drives: Fully customized custom USB flash drives, both in 2D or 3D. Made from rubber to be able to give the shape you like or need to your USB memory.

We are at your service for any request, if you need the budget, in less than an hour we will send you the information. We will be attentive in our work schedule. As for the delivery time we guarantee absolute speed.

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