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Merchandising options that will succeed this 2020.

To differentiate yourself from your competition, have you ever thought about investing in merchandising? This is valid both if you want to give a gift to your customers and your own workers. Merchandising will help you not go unnoticed, because you will be working on your corporate image. But, in addition, you will be adding value to your company. Do you want to know some merchandising options that will succeed this 2020?

Bet on USB sticks

USB sticks are very useful nowadays. Most people carry these technological devices with them so they can print a document in a copy shop, take their work home or use it as a storage place for movies, music or images. Be that as it may, it is merchandising that succeeds.

So that these flash drives are part of your company’s merchandising, don’t forget to personalize them. Adding the logo or the colors that differentiate your brand from the others is essential. In fact, there are some who are very creative. For example, imagine you have a wine company. Can you imagine a USB stick that looks like a cork? It will be striking, original and useful, an all in one.

However, the best corporate gift option is one that apart from being a practical item is a product committed to the environment. For this reason, at Design Bags we have eco-sustainable USB sticks finished with recycled cardboard, bamboo or wood.

Gifts in the shape of a glass

In recent years sitting down for coffee is sometimes not possible. For this reason, it has become very fashionable to wear a very comfortable thermal glass with a lid and, also, in the purest American style. For this reason, this can be another merchandising option for your company both to give to your workers and your customers.

Just like flash drives, don’t forget to customize these merchandise glasses. The fact that they carry the company’s colors is very important and you can add some special detail that makes them unique. This can be a drawing, the name of the person to whom you are going to give it or some motivating phrase like “have a good day!”. Although it may seem silly, this gesture will increase the value of your brand.

And most importantly, with this type of gift you will be helping to reduce plastic waste. If each person carries their reusable container, they will not have to use plastic cups or buy a new bottle of water every day. Your workers or assistants to your event will be able to fill their glass or thermos as many times as necessary.

Keychains are always useful

Have you not considered including key chains as part of your merchandising? Although they may seem irrelevant or too common for them to attract attention, this has an easy solution. It is about adapting them to your brand, with new shapes and being totally original. We know it is not easy, so we give you some ideas.

Imagine that you have a company that is dedicated to sports. Why not make key chains that define your brand? Depending on what a customer buys, you can give them a keychain that has a small tennis ball, golf club, or boxing glove. In all cases, don’t forget to add your logo or company name in your merchandising. Do you really think this is not going to get attention?

In addition, it is an accessory that we carry daily, so your client will see it day after day and it will be visible to other future followers of your brand. In this way, this marketing strategy will be doing its job: being present in the lives of your attendees and making yourself known to the rest of the world.

Include the coasters in your merchandising

Another option that is rarely used, but that can draw attention to your company is the coasters. When they are needed most, they are never at hand! Therefore, it can be a great opportunity to make them unique, eye-catching and that all this invites you to use them much more. Here we leave you some ideas for this type of merchandising.

Imagine that you have a haberdashery and you want to give coasters to your customers. You can make coasters in the shape of buttons, all of them in different colors and, if you dare, with different elements, for example, cork, wood, fabric, etc. If your company is dedicated to technology, perhaps coasters that fit the arm of a sofa or have a modern shape can work very well as a promotional item.

These are some merchandising ideas for your company that we consider can add value to your brand, in addition to providing both your clients and your workers with useful and functional elements that allow them to remember your business with a smile. This type of advertising is a good way to retain and retain talent in your company. Which product will you decide on?

Visit our online catalog and you will surely find the best merchandising option to succeed this 2020.

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