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How to make your event more sustainable

The creation and execution of events is increasingly involved with proposals that do not harm our environment in any way. In this way, sustainable events are born, a modality that serves to create awareness in the audience, while innovating with fresh, modern proposals that have a positive connotation for the planet.

A sustainable event can be defined as an event designed to reduce any type of negative impact that affects the immediate ecosystem. In addition, this quality extends throughout the process of organization and development of the event, meeting or congress. The purpose of a sustainable event is to offer a legacy that brings some kind of benefits to the community and the organizing team.

Sustainable events seek to reduce all the harmful aspects that different types of events can generate throughout the world. Since, in general, they generate a large amount of waste as well as a high consumption of electrical energy. Similarly, it is alarming the amount of air pollution, through noise or other pollutants, that such events can produce.

For an event to be truly sustainable, basic aspects must be evaluated both in its organization and in its execution. This practice can be applied gradually until details can be perfected systematically, making this type of event a practice not only easy to execute, but also in an organizational culture that spreads throughout the world.

What your event needs to be sustainable

The first thing that an event must be monitored so that it can be classified as a sustainable event, is the ability to manage waste generation in an optimal and responsible way. In this way, the pollution that they can generate should be greatly reduced, offering alternatives for the transformation of the waste produced.

It is also necessary to determine where and how the event will be executed so that it can be a sustainable event. So, you should know the classification of the space, whether closed or open, as well as the different services that the event will offer. Likewise, the type of event must be known in advance to be able to take and adjust the necessary measures, that is, if it is a party, a meeting, a festival or a congress.

Water and energy will be the two key resources for a sustainable event to be successful. Next, it will be necessary to consider how to transport the human team, its hydration and feeding, as well as the protection and preservation of the environment. The communication aspect of the event will also be decisive in establishing all these conditions.

Tips for a successful sustainable event

The main thing about a sustainable event is waste management. Therefore, it is recommended to separate in a visual and striking way the wastes that can be categorized as organic matter from those that are recyclable such as paper, plastic or glass.

Also, for a sustainable event to be well executed, a supplier such as Custom Design Products must be chosen that has products and services that comply with the 3R policy: reduce, reuse and recycle. In this way, the event, congress or training course will increase will be more sustainable.

In the case of resources, such as energy and water, it is advisable to take advantage of resources already present such as sunlight, as well as supply the event with renewable energy sources. In addition, measuring water consumption with alternative sources of hydration as well as good mobility for all involved will be vital aspects for the event.

For events where large masses of people are handled, the ideal would be to encourage the use of bicycles or public transport. Although the ideal would be that the event is accessible enough to be able to walk. It is also very important that the event offers appropriate alternatives for people with reduced mobility, guaranteeing their comfort and integration.

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