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Frequent questions

How can I see the price of the products on the web?

To see the price of the products in stock firstly you must register as a user of the web. Once we confirm the access then you can access the session with prices.

When will I receive the requested budget?

Our average sending a budget is between 1-2 days and can be from the same day of the request up to 2-3 working days, depending on the volume of simultaneous requests we received. Once requested to our Commercial Agent by phone or email to the central office or through the web during 24 hours.

If the budget requires quotation of a product per manufacturing, these response times can be extended, depending on the complexity and production peaks.

What does Free Industrial Design mean?

Our company designs and manufactures its own products and offers to his customers the possibility of designing their own customized products, without charging them the cost of designing them. When the design is accepted for a production, a free sample is prepared for final confirmation of order and production.

Do you have a minimum order of amount or quantity?

No, we have no minimum on products in our own stock. Only the manufacturing of a product is minimal, which varies according to type and material.

Do you sell to individuals?

We only sell to companies.

Is it possible to reserve the estimated quantity of some model while the chosen one is decided and the exact quantity is known?

Yes, it is one of our most valued services by our customers. Since it eliminates the uncertainty of how many to order and you can try the choice of the model with time, without the need to leave it for the last moment to not run out of stock.

The models without this service available have this point detailed in the budget.

What is the additional shipment of product, with the possibility of return without cost?

In case the quantity of attendance to the event is higher than expected we offer you an alternative to avoid having to buy more and increase the waste generated in it. We can send you additional unmarked material of the chosen model (up to 5% of the order units) if needed.

Once the event is over, those that have not been used are returned free of charge (shipping not included). Thus avoiding the unnecessary generation of waste and costs.

Can I receive a sample before confirming the order?

Yes, according to our quality system, you will receive a physical sample to assess the product in hand, before confirming the order. Only for some exceptions, when by urgency or repetition of order, you decide to skip that step.

Does it have cost?

Samples of our products are free of charge, with a maximum of 2-3 units in budgets of many options. Only for some exceptions when by urgency or repetition of order, you decide to skip that step.

Do you customize the products with the client's logo?

Yes, we have our own personalization workshop to mark the products with the techniques that each material and model can support.

Can you customize with the Pantone of each colour of the logo?

We work with Pantone reference and we are used to meet the requirements of brand manuals. We coordinate with the client the similarity or variation of the colour tone, according to the material on which it will be customized (cotton, nylon, polyester, leather, plastic, cardboard) and the customization technique to be used (ink, embroidery thread, transfer, ..)

How can I know what is the best customization for my logo? its price and how it will look?

The Logos Design and Production Department is responsible for advising on the best technique to use and its cost according to product material, location, size and complexity of the logo as well as developing virtual models with your logo for customer confirmation.

In some cases, when the virtual model does not simulate enough the final result, a personalized physical sample will be sent for confirmation by the client.

Does the design of the model with my logo have any cost?

If the logo is sent in a vector file, the logo design service on the model is free. If you do not have this format, it will depend on the complexity of the logo.

How do I send the logo?

When requesting the budget online, you can add it at the step that requests it.

The logos must be sent as a vectorized file with converted texts, Corel, Adobe illustrator, Freehand, eps and pdf (if plotted). If you do not have a file with these characteristics you can send JPG images with the highest quality as possible. In the case if necessary to retouch the arts, there will be an additional cost that will be calculated based on its difficulty.

You can also send it by email to the Commercial Delegate of your area or to the head office.

Do the folders come with notepad?

Yes, all our folders come with a mounted pad- This is included in the price of the folder. If some model did not have it included it would be specified in the budget.

Can I order products with any insert inserted?

Sí, el coste de manipulación de productos es de 0,26€/ud. Por ejemplo, montar un bloc corporativo en una carpeta, montar el bolígrafo personalizado en la carpeta,…

Do you ship in anonymous packaging?

Yes, we can send your order to the final recipient in anonymous boxes.

How long does it take to receive an order for products in stock?

The usual delivery period for own products without customization is 24-48 hours.

The usual delivery time for personalized products is 7 working days from order confirmation and the model with the logo assembly.

The exact delivery time is assured, upon order confirmation.

And, if it is urgent?

The usual term of express delivery can be from 24 hours for orders of own products without customizing to 2-4 days for custom with logo.

The exact delivery time is assured, upon order confirmation.

Are the shipping free?

Yes, non-urgent shipping is free, for orders over € 300 to a destination in Spain (except I. Canary Islands) and Portugal.

Do you ship outside of Spain and Portugal?

Yes, we deal with the management of shipping our products to any place in the world, as well as the delivery of the same order to different destinations.

We quote the cost of shipping separately from our products in a transparent way for our customers.

How can I know if I have placed my order correctly?

Once you have filled in the budget request form and pressed “accept” then you will receive in your e-mail  a PDF file with the summary of your budget. This summary is for information only. In the following hours or working day, we will send the budget confirming availability, deadlines and models.

In case of any doubt, we would contact you to resolve it and send the budget.

If I can't find the product I'm looking for on your website, could you offer it?

Of course, if we don’t have it in our own stock we can study the possibility of manufacturing it or importing that customized item for you.

Can you provide products for big promotions?

Yes, we have more than 20 years of experience in the design and development of customized products for promotions of large company products, in sectors such as food, cosmetics, pharmacy, automotive, publications…

How can I be informed and take advantage of the promotions and offers of the company?

Although from the company we try to notify the clients who are requested a budget, about all the current offers, the most effective is to register to receive by email the newsletter with the news and promotions of the company.

Do you have any quality certification?

We have implemented the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality system in the processes, guaranteed by AENOR through annual quality audits.

Are the products guaranteed?

All the products are guaranteed. In case of any incident that corresponds to the guarantee, the products will be collected so that the Quality Department records the incident and proceeds to the best possible solution. The incidents derived from the transport process must be informed upon receipt of the order, mentioning on the delivery note. The warranty does not cover batteries or items with damage or deficiencies caused by negligence, shock, improper handling or misuse, or materials worn out by normal use.

What level of sustainability do your products offer?

Design Bags has products and services focused on sustainability in different ways.

Our products are manufactured according to European regulations by type and material.

Our products are made of materials with ecological attributes, recycled, certified Organic Fair Trade products.

Sustainable services that prevent the generation of waste and that offer the manufacture of ecological, recycled materials…

The sustainability of the products begins with the certifications, social commitments, solidarity actions and sustainable services that Design Bags has and offers.

Since our company add to the Global Compact complying with its 10 precepts, its certification of Fair Trade organic cotton supporting collector communities in disadvantaged countries.

For any other questions you may have and we have not resolved, contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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