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Ecological actions to be a more sustainable company

Talking about sustainability is on trend but, do you know what it means to be a sustainable company? A sustainable company is one that creates economic, environmental and social value by performing positive actions for the environment, both in the short and long term

In this way, these types of companies contribute to the well-being of present and future generations, looking for a healthier and less polluting life. If you also want to be part of this change, implement ecological actions to be a more sustainable company.

Ecological actions that Design Bags has launched

Climate change is the greatest environmental threat that we face, and, in part, we have great fault with humans. Our way of producing based on an excessive consumption of highly polluting energies is the cause of the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and, consequently, of global warming.

 Our company is aware of this fact. Therefore, we feel that we have a responsibility as a company to change and take a step towards sustainable trade every day. Design Bags has launched these ecological actions that we tell you below.


Our company has created the rPET collection in order to give recyclable plastic bottles a second life. In this way, we prevent certain plastic containers from ending up contaminating our terrestrial, coastal and maritime environment.

With this collection, in addition to implementing the 3R policy based on reducing, reusing and recycling, we also save on energy and oil. Using existing packaging means helping the planet by preserving natural resources and decreasing the concentration of greenhouse gases, since no new containers are produced.


Our eco-sustainable range are products made from total respect for the environment. Thus, they are made from start to finish with less harmful production processes for our environment. Our ecological items are made with bamboo, cork or recycled cardboard. Among them, you can find backpacks, folders, notebooks, usbs, power banks and a long list of products perfect for the merchandising of your company. In addition, our articles are backed by certifications that guarantee our quality and sustainability.


At Design Bags, we know that fair trade, apart from promoting the improvement of the working conditions of cotton producers, also helps the sustainability of the environment. Therefore, we have fair trade organic cotton bags that have the Fairtrade seal. To all this, we must add that this production system guarantees that the final consumer buys a quality product.


Also, we have chosen to use less aggressive inks for the environment and society. So the printing and dyeing of our items is made with azo free ink. These inks are free of lead and nitrite so that they do not contaminate and generate less environmental impact. In addition, we do not use mixtures with heavy metals harmful to health such as Zinc or Cadmium.

What can your company do?

Reducing climate change depends largely on our awareness of the problem. Therefore, it is essential that companies set an example by carrying out ecological actions. In this way, they will be promoting a sustainable life model among their clients, followers of the brand or attendees, in the case of events. greater sensitivity to our environment.

Start by eliminating your plastic packaging, thus avoiding pollution of the seas and oceans. Finish with non-recyclable plastics. It implements policies based on the 3Rs, both in relation to plastic and other materials. Choose production processes that are less harmful to our planet and that safeguard natural resources. And finally, choose to buy rPET, ecological or fair trade items.

In Design Bags, as a company committed to the environment, we intend to help other companies organizing events, congresses or training courses to reduce their environmental impact. Implementing some of the points mentioned above is a very good way to start being part of the change. You sign up?

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