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Custom Power Banks for companies, the essential gift

Imagine you are in the middle of your workday and you run out of battery. Or that you are traveling and suddenly you do not have a minimum load with which you do not even use your whatssap. The thing can be worse if you need to make an urgent call or if you expect to receive it from a customer and cannot use your mobile. You need, without a doubt, a power bank. Did you know that there is the possibility to customize them for your company?

What a great invention have been the power banks for the most mobile phone users and especially what a relief to have an extra battery charge! Not long ago they exist, in fact the power banks were presented at the Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show in 2001, although their sales did not start to grow until 2009 when they were marketed thanks to different brands.

It is one of the most booming electrical devices in recent years and its sales do not stop growing. In fact, they are so essential that many companies have decided to choose to have their own custom power banks as work tools. And it is that they can not only charge the mobile phone, but also the Tablet and other fundamental devices in the day to day of any company, important in meetings, trips … an external USB of great utility existing in different capacities, prices and now also in very different designs since they can be customized to suit the client.

The power banks are nothing more than a very useful external rechargeable battery that works thanks to a lithium battery. They have a microchip that detects when this device is connected and is supplied with the current necessary for its operation. In addition, another of its advantages – and that has been improving over time and the sophistication of power banks – is that it has protection circuits against overcurrent or overloads and short circuits in order to avoid damage, both to it and to us if We carry it on – although it is recommended to use models certified by the relevant control body.

Custom power banks, YOUR brand image


Customized power banks are increasingly present in companies, both for internal use and as gifts to customers, suppliers or company dinners. A very useful, economical, modern and current gift that also helps to improve the brand image. A brand committed to electronic advances and who cares about being up to date with these new but essential work accessories. There are currently some power banks that even have integrated solar panels to recharge their batteries which shows the continued development in the market of these batteries. They have at least one USB output to power mobile devices, although there are more than one USB output, allowing simultaneous recharge of several devices.

Even a Qi for wireless recharge. In the power banks market there are many models and brands with different capacities. For example, if what we need is to charge a mobile phone, a 3Ah power bank is enough. For a Tablet we will need a somewhat more powerful power bank of 10 Ah. This implies that the greater the capacity of your corporate power bank, the greater the price and the less portability due to its size. Easily usable – you just have to connect to the electric power – it can be fully charged even in less than two hours.

They are usually quite rigid and of fine design fitting in any backpack and even in the pocket to carry it on clothes, ideal if we use them on work trips or meetings. Being able to save us from a predicament. And you, what are you waiting for to have your personalized power bank for your company? Contact us!

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