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Custom Design Bags supports the Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) shape an ambitious initiative launched by the United Nations. At a particularly delicate time for the planet, and also for all of us who inhabit it, this program proposes working to achieve 17 goals and 169 goals whose purpose is to transform the world.

These goals are part of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development, approved by the UN in 2015. Achieving them may seem complicated in such a short period of time, but working on them will have taken a huge step that will benefit the planet and humanity.

We should all get involved in this action plan to achieve a fairer world and a more protected planet. For this reason, from Custom Design Bags we support the SDGs and work to design and manufacture sustainable products.

17 Sustainable Development Goals to fight for

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are closely interrelated and seek to leave behind that world we know today in which inequalities reign and in which environmental degradation is a process that has been advancing unstoppably for decades.

What exactly are those SDGs? End poverty and hunger, protect health, quality education, gender equality, clean water, and sanitation for all, use of renewable energy, decent employment and economic growth, more innovation and infrastructure, reduction of inequality, Sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption, fight against climate change, protection of flora and fauna, peace, justice and alliances to achieve the objectives.

There are 17 objectives that pose an immense challenge, but that with the effort and collaboration of all can be achieved. Because nothing is impossible if you put in effort and work for the common good.

Decided support from Custom Design Bags

At Custom Design Bags we are firmly committed to the Sustainable Development Goals. It is a philosophy that is part of our social commitment and that is applied in all company policies. Therefore, our greatest efforts are focused on the manufacture of sustainable products.

We are committed to reducing waste and emissions, to reusing and recycling. And from that desire the rPET collection was born. Bags, backpacks, pens, towels, umbrellas, T-shirts and a myriad of items made from recycled PET plastic.

This is one of our contributions to achieve that goal of sustainability set out in the 2030 Agenda and that will benefit us and future generations. We are concerned about the current situation in which, according to UN data, more than 300 million tons of plastic waste are produced in the world each year and of these only 14% are collected for recycling.

Our rPET range is not our only contribution. At Custom Design Bags we also manufacture all kinds of ecological and sustainable products in materials such as organic cotton from fair trade, bamboo, cork or recycled cardboard.

As a company committed to the SDGs, we prioritize the commercialization of more environmentally friendly products. Products that help reduce the amount of waste that is generated and that do not contribute to depleting natural resources. Products, at the same time, that promote the development of communities of producers of eco-sustainable raw materials.

But our effort, and that of so many other companies, will not be rewarded without that of consumers. Checking that the products purchased comply with the SDGs is working together for the preservation of the planet and for a more just and equitable world where there is no room for poverty. The effort is worth it!

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