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Corporate gifts for your employees and customers

All employees like that the company they work for has a detail with them from time to time. More when it is an anniversary or there is a corporate event. And what can be done in these cases? In this article we offer you some suggestions to succeed with all of them.

Corporate gifts for the office

If in your company the majority of employees work in the office, stationery is the ideal gift. Pens, notebooks, pencil cases or folders. On other occasions, more electronic devices such as USB sticks, headphones, digital clocks are usually used … Maybe your employees need to use the mobile phone to work and ideally for them it would be a power bank to be able to recharge the battery. But that’s not all you can also combine a notebook with a built-in USB memory or a pen that is a USB memory at the same time.

But not all corporate gifts have to be for work. In fact, ideally, corporate gifts can be used in your spare time. In Design Bags we have all kinds of customizable corporate gifts. Among them are cups, umbrellas, raincoats or other textile products such as towels, hats, aprons, etc.

In addition, if your company cares about the environment, in our product range you can find the category of eco-sustainable products. In it we have items made with recycled or fair trade products. They are also tinted with AZO- free inks.

Consejos y ejemplos para escoger tus regalos de empresa perfectos

Corporate gifts for customers

The workers of a company are very important, but, we cannot forget customers. Thanks to them, the company makes sense. For them, there are more special business gifts and other customization options.

On the other hand, your brand may need merchandising company gifts for an event, a congress, conference or talk. On these occasions certain materials are needed that must be accompanied by the company logo. You can find all those products to customize on our website. We have a wide variety of products that, depending on the type of act, will be most useful. From accreditations, through folders, documents, notebooks, pens, different types of bags and backpacks, are including USB sticks.

Consejos y ejemplos para escoger tus regalos de empresa perfectos

Design custom business gifts

In Design Bags we can manufacture the business gifts that you need 100% exclusive and personalized. We put at your disposal the possibility of designing and manufacturing customized gifts for your needs. We have different techniques to customize the products. Among them is customizable rubber, handles, embroidery, silkscreen, serigraphy with relief, thermo gravure, transfer, pad printing, laser, etc.

In addition, you can customize some items such as bags and backpacks by choosing the type of texture and linings. As well as choosing their compartments for different accessories. We can even make backpacks with drawings so that the little ones paint everything they want.

For us, the most important thing is to make your business gift unique, different, of quality and totally personalized. Find in Design Bags the business gifts that you need.

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