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Computer backpacks

The whole issue of transporting our laptops from one place to another is complicated if we do not have a bag or backpack that allows us to protect them from any damage. That is why in Design Bags we have the best options in Backpacks for you and your company. We have an exclusive selection of computer backpacks that adapt to the diverse needs and requirements of your company. Our computer backpacks stand out among the others in the market for being designed and designed, not only to house a computer, but so that the rest of the accessories that accompany it can be stored: chargers, batteries, external hard drives, USB wires, among others. Additionally, you can save the rest of personal items from day to day. In this way, you can store everything in a single backpack, and also with a lot of style. We have bags or backpacks for all tastes, of different designs, sizes and colours.

Mochilas portaordenador para empresas - Design Bags

In Design Bags we have the perfect backpack for you

Now, within our services we include the fact of being able to customize the backpacks according to your requirements. And if that weren’t enough, as we are manufacturers, we offer you the alternative of designing and creating an exclusive backpack design for your company, totally customized and without any limit. You can order the amount of backpacks you need.

In addition, you will have the option to choose the printing mode where you can incorporate your company logo. Just imagine the advantages of having your brand stamped on the backpack. In this way, what we offer you is an exclusive hybrid with a lot of style that will provide the security you need so much. With our Design Bags backpacks you can store your laptop securely; store all your accessories and other belongings; move wherever you want with all the best style in the world.

Computer Backpacks Design Bags: Considerations to take into account

Before buying a Design Bags computer backpack we will give you a small guide on some considerations to take into account when selecting a backpack:

  • Take into account the dimensions of your laptop. Although most of the backpacks are made for standard-size computers it is advisable to check the dimensions of your portable device to see if it is compatible with its size.
  • Evaluate the design of your computer backpack, because the tastes of people are so diverse we have a wide variety of designs: bags, briefcases, backpacks, simple backpacks, backpacks with pockets, solar backpack and backpack with RIFD protector, anti-theft backpack, among others. They are models and designs very well thought out for every taste and need.
  • Verify the protection granted by the backpack. Since the computer fits perfectly in the backpack and that the design of it convinces you, then you must verify that the security it offers is sufficient for the computer to resist any sudden movement or blow. Our backpacks have an extra layer of padding that guarantee the safety of your device.
  • Evaluate how many things you need to store in your backpack. It analyzes very well what other things you need to store in the backpack apart from the laptop. Usually, the computer accessories should fit into the backpack. In addition, your personal things such as: the wallet, the mobile phone, the house and car keys, etc.
Mochilas portaordenador para empresas - Design Bags

Ideally, the backpack should be a good size, have several compartments so that everything is perfectly organized. Read the description of each one very well and choose the one that best suits you. By keeping these little things in mind, you will be ready to buy a Design Bags computer bag. However, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly help you.

Here we present our exclusive catalogue.

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