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8 reasons to buy FAIR TRADE gifts

Lovable dates are approaching in which you will surely have the opportunity to have a gesture with your customers through a gift. Although sometimes choosing a gift is a difficult task, we are clear that the best option is one that helps sustain the environment. For this reason, we show you 8 reasons to buy fair trade gifts.

It is normal to think that this era is designed for mass consumption and has been invented with the idea that it is necessary to spend to be happy. However, this idea may change if we take advantage of these dates to favor fair trade. As the name implies, thanks to this alternative you promote voluntary and fair relations between producers and consumers.

Buying FAIR TRADE gifts helps environmental sustainability

Here are 8 reasons why buying fair trade gifts can contribute to a better world:

1.- They are part of sustainable production. In fair trade, environmental protection is sought. Therefore, buying fair trade products you will be collaborating with the conservation of your natural environment.

2.- Ensuring compliance with Human Rights. You will be surprised to learn that much of the violation of these rights occurs in the workplace. You will have the security of acquiring products that are not based on child exploitation or economic inequality.

3.- Quality products. The entire production system is intended for the final consumer to acquire a quality product. You can make a gift that you know has been made with love and taking care of all the details. This is one of the great bases of fair trade.

4.- They try to avoid unnecessary intermediaries. In this way, you make sure that during the whole process, from the production until it arrives at your home, there is no cost of any kind due to the existence of unnecessary intermediaries.

5.- Price adjusted to production and the needs of a living wage. One of the great purposes of this type of trade is to defend the dignified life of the people who manufacture these products through a fair salary. This will be an adjusted salary and will not have been modified by any external agent.

6.- You collaborate with large humanitarian projects. Fair trade products appear in the hands of large projects to support unprotected minorities. In this way, you will know that you are collaborating to improve the lives of disadvantaged people. You will be collaborating in a real and lasting way.

7.- You can transmit a message to the person who receives the gift. In addition, to offer the love that your client deserves, you can take advantage and inform about the existence of these types of products that make the world a better place.

8.- You will be more aware of the importance of your gestures. The most important thing is that you discover the scope of all your actions. Even something that seems as banal as buying a gift can make other people’s lives better. This will change your mindset and you will discover that you have the ability to change the world.

Take advantage of this Christmas shopping to purchase FAIR TRADE products. Find out about the different possibilities that exist and locate them thanks to the Fairtrade Spain label. In this way, you will know that you are collaborating with the best of causes.

In Design Bags we are committed to this type of initiatives, so we have fair trade products in our catalog.

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