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8 original and ecological corporate gift ideas to surprise your hybrid event attendees

You are going to celebrate a hybrid event and you want your attendees to keep the memory of a special day. People are increasingly craving the face-to-face, the material and above all socializing. This time, like so many others, it may not be like that, but this event will remain etched in their brain as an event marked by the particularity and surprise of receiving original and ecological corporate gifts at home. Are you ready to make your hybrid event a unique experience? Well go ahead, keep reading!

8 original and ecological corporate gifts

It is clear that you can always opt for the usual promotional items that are practical and a sure hit, but you can also bet on going out of the ordinary by choosing more unexpected gifts. Although the ideal, without a doubt, would be to combine both ideas: practicality and originality. You will succeed for sure!

In Custom Design Bags the possibilities of original and ecological corporate gifts are numerous. To help you in the task of choosing which items to include in your welcome pack and which ones best represent your brand, we leave you 8 ideas with which to surprise the attendees of your hybrid event.

1. rPET backpacks

Backpacks are the promotional item that you can never miss. In addition to being an accessory that gives your brand great visibility and that people always wear, it is also practical and functional. Our Urban Traveler backpack has an original and comfortable design that makes it stand out from the typical backpacks that everyone carries. And do you know what is most important? Which are made with recycled PET plastic bottles. Therefore, it is a sustainable corporate gift that follows the ‘Zero Waste’ philosophy.

2. Personalized ecological notebooks

Ecological notebooks personalized with the logo of your event or company are an excellent sustainable option for your attendees to use in their day-to-day life. In our wide catalog of eco-sustainable products you will find a wide variety of notebooks made with environmentally friendly materials: recycled paper, cardboard, rPET, etc. If you are a company committed to the planet, this promotional article cannot be missed.

3. Reusable bottles

It is becoming more and more common to see reusable bottles in work or study spaces. They have become an ideal sustainable option to protect the planet’s resources and avoid the use of plastic bottles that eventually end up in the seas and forests polluting our environment. Help take care of our ecosystem with an ecological, reusable and durable corporate gift like this one that is perfect to include in your welcome pack.

4. Cotton bags

Say goodbye to plastic bags! If you don’t know where to deliver your corporate gifts, bet on cotton bags. They are an excellent promotional item. You want to know why? Well, because they are a substitute for plastic bags, they are made with ecological materials and they are also reusable. If you opt for cotton bags to give them to the attendees of your hybrid event, you will be investing in an eco-friendly and long-lasting product.

5. Eco electronic products

We know that getting your attendees to remember your event for a product is not an easy task, but it is not impossible either. The key is to choose eco-electronic products that are functional, useful and different. Is this possible? Of course! On our website you will find a wide variety of original and ecological technological articles from which to choose according to your tastes and needs: wireless chargers, speakers, headphones, power bank …

6. Sustainable USB sticks

USB memories are that characteristic accessory that companies always usually include in their welcome packs. Do you think it is pure coincidence? No, it is not. USB sticks are a very useful promotional item that many people use often and are generally very well received by attendees. What if we add a plus? Our sustainable USB flash drives are made from environmentally friendly materials such as wood, recycled cardboard or bamboo. Can you think of a more complete corporate gift?

7. Tablet rPET folder

Today everyone is tied to technology and it is common to see people carry tablets or other devices from one place to another. Likewise, in most jobs, computers and tablets are work tools, so it is essential to keep them well stored and protected. Besides being an original and differential corporate gift, our rPET Tablet folder is made with recycled PET plastic fabric. Your attendees will love it!

8. Protection kit

Currently, protection kits are being the most demanded corporate gifts by companies due to their great utility. By including a protection kit, you will be showing interest in the health and safety of your attendees. Although the event is hybrid, the participants will value it positively and will be able to use it often in their daily lives.

Welcome packs with original and ecological items

What original and ecological corporate gifts did you like the most? Do you already know which ones you are going to choose? Well then, the time has come to configure your custom welcome packs and send them to the attendees of your virtual or hybrid event. How? Get in touch with us and we will help you!

At Custom Design Bags we take care of everything: customization of the items, handling of items to simplify the materials and management of the shipment of the personalized packs to each participant. You will not have to worry about anything! And remember: giving the participants of your virtual event a corporate gift not only means having a detail but it is a way to communicate your ideas, values ​​and emotions in a tangible and unique way.