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5 tips to surprise with your promotional material

Getting it right with your event materials gives you the perfect opportunity to connect with new customers and build a customer loyalty. Choosing well is a good investment with a clear return. In this article we give you five useful tips that will help you.

1. Study your audience

It is not the same to choose corporate gifts for a congress of doctors than to do it for a group of investment specialists, for example. If you want to surprise with a gift that your audience can use on a daily, in this way, you can integrate your brand into their lives so you should know what tools or materials they use regularly. From a tablet folder to a compass … If you know your audience, you will be right and you will find a useful gift because they always remember you.

2. Reserve the time to deliver the promotional material for the final

A good corporate gift is the “icing on the cake”. That which will help your audience to strengthen in memory the experience you have given them. Therefore, surprise with the great event that you have in hand and at the end, deliver the promotional material that will seal the bonds of trust.

Sorprende en tu evento: elige el mejor material promocinal

3. You can also opt for material which the public interacts with.

It goes without saying that if your corporate event contains interaction: a course, a presentation in which notes are taken, a workshop … The best way to connect from the beginning and leave mark is to provide the public with materials they use during the event, from notebooks or pens to calculators. Thus, the public will remind you from the beginning to facilitate the brand experience and deliver material that at that time has value and from now on, will continue to have it.

4. In case of doubt, choose something you would like to be given to you

It never fails. If you doubt between two different gifts, adapted to your audience, choose the one you would like to receive. That will give you confidence and, you know … Trust is transmitted. You can even try a gift that you always wanted to receive in a promotion and so far you have not received. An anti-loss locator, a wine thermometer, a bicycle bag… Imagine your perfect gift and give it away. Everything is possible.

5. Let yourself be advised

Specialists in event materials have many great experiences to tell you, successful experiences, trend studies, anecdotes that have lived with audiences similar to yours … Open your mind and let them nurture you with new ideas. You will be sure.
We hope this article has been of interest to you and has activated the spark of many good ideas. Choosing the best promotional material can be the beginning of great connections. Make the most of that opportunity and make your next event last in time with your event materials.

Sorprende en tu evento: elige el mejor material promocinal

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